Food is our common language, it connects us, brings us to the table and builds community. it has been proven that if a child is involved in the cooking process, they are more likely to eat what they have made. 

That is where tiny turnips comes in. we are experts in childhood nutrition and cooking with kids, working with both the child and parent to create a healthy happy,well-fed family! 

  Photography by  Mackenzie Smith. Logo by Stacy Antoville

 COOKING CLASSES/Birthday Parties

 Tiny Turnips can come to your home to personalize and design the perfect cooking class for your picky eaters, aspiring chefs and creative bakers.

Classes start with kids as young as 3 years old and include private lessons, play dates, and birthday parties.

Tiny Turnips will have children excited to cook and try healthy and yummy food week after week!

 Example themed parties include, storybooks, eating the rainbow, sushi making, and cookie decorating.* Only natural food coloring is used, all present allergies are made aware of before hand.


NYC has fantastic year-round Greenmarkets. We guide you through your local Greenmarket, build a meal or recipe, introduce you to new foods! In the grocery store, we advise you on what to look for and what to avoid,

Tiny Turnips will make the most of a short trip while achieving healthy goals!



Tiny Turnips provide menu planning and meal prep support; anywhere from knife skills, meal inspiration, weekly recipes, or adjusting to food allergy and illnesses! We can overhaul your pantry and stock your kitchen with healthy cooking staples for every day and use.This is both a time and money saver. Inquire about personal cheffing too.