As a former picky eater, surviving on cucumbers and grilled cheese until the age of 12, I can empathize with both child and parent. I still enjoy a tasty grilled cheese with a side cuc, but my pallet has vastly expanded, by cooking on my own , and experimenting with new foods and different tastes. While attending graduate school for nutrition education, at Teachers College, Columbia, I spent my summers volunteering on organic farms across the US. I spent those summers harvesting, planting, and tending livestock and honing in my culinary skills.

I have worked with both the public school system and  non-profits creating nutrition education curriculum for students ages k-8. I have also created menu's and recipes for fitness professionals, chef's and various  media platforms. 

I recognize that meal time with kids can be a challenging yet a rewarding experience. 
Many children develop a love a for preparing meals through child-friendly cooking classes. Cooking with healthy, fresh produce (and seasonal when possible) allows them to understand the value and nutrition of consuming whole foods. When children are involved in creating their own meals, they are more likely to try what they have made!

The recipes I have created, are simple, healthy, tons of fun, recognizable, while incorporating new and seasonable ingredients.  We cover knife skills and kitchen safety, learn how to use our different senses, and learn basic cooking and baking techniques. 

From pears to pies and all the greens in between,


Owner and Founder